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Balboa Direct Support
Replacing Your TopSide Panel

If you are trying to replace your existing spa or bath panel, the following resources will be helpful. If you already know the part number of the panel, then you can simply enter the part number above and to the left in our search engine. If the panel does not appear at our website, you may request it by completing our online form here: CANNOT FIND A PRODUCT. If you need help locating the part number for the panel, click on one of the links below for assistance.

Balboa Direct Topside Panels

How to Find The Product Number On Your Topside Panel
Find detailed information on where to find the product number on your spa or bath topside panel.

What Topside Panel Goes With My System?
Here is a detailed guide on many of the more popular VS Systems and which topside panel and panel overlay that comes with them. This cross reference should assist you in locating your topside panel based upon your current system.

Need Help With Common Topside Spa Panel Messages & Error Codes?
Here is a detailed guide to the common spa topside panel messages and error codes that you may see on your spa panel.

Looking For A Topside Panel Manual?
Here is a comprehensive list of the most common Balboa Topside Panels and the manuals that go with them. You will find manuals for our ML series, VS Series, and our GS Series panels.

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Browse the Balboa Direct product section with all of our available bath panels and parts online.

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Browse the Balboa Direct product section with more than 150+ spa panels and parts online.

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