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Inventory Stock Status Policy
(Out Of Stock / Back Ordered Items)

As a manufacturer of thousands of bath and spa products with hundreds of distributors throughout the world, the stock status of many of our products vary from day to day. With many of our products, there is also a distinction between products that we routinely carry in stock at one of our warehouses versus a product that our company considers "made to order" and is made at our manufacturing facility once you place your order. Often there are times in which our products may be listed as in stock and available. However, that may not be the case. We suggest that you contact our staff via e-mail and make sure the product is available if you need it before a specific date. Inventory can change as often as hourly and cannot be guaranteed at any time.

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Any item on our site that is listed as "Out Of Stock" or "Back Ordered" is not currently in stock and is subject to delays. Products that fall into the category of jets, fittings, and other plastic parts often have delays of 15-20 working days during the manufacturing process. If you place your order with Balboa Direct and the product is listed out of stock, the product will list the ESTIMATED shipping time directly under the "OUT OF STOCK" message in the product detail page. Please refer to the example shown here on the left. Please do not call our customer service staff with questions about expected delivery times.

Products such as circuit boards or heaters are often "made to order", which means that we start making the item specifically for you once you place your order. The expected delays or wait times for these particular items are often up to 20 working days. Again, the ESTIMATED shipping time for these items will be located directly under the "OUT OF STOCK" message in the product detail page.

With all products that are "made to order", we will charge your credit card at the time of purchase. Your order constitutes a request and agreement that we specifically make this product for you based upon your purchase/order with us. Any cancellation will be subject to our Cancellation Policy and will result in a 25% restocking fee. See our Terms & Conditions Policy for more information.

Many other questions can be answered by accessing any of the following pages below. If you have any questions in regards to this policy, please contact our customer service staff via e-mail. Our staff will not be able to provide any other expected delivery times than what is currently listed on our website.

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