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Santana (Cyclone) Spa Jets

Santana Jets - Balboa Direct.

Welcome to our Santana Jet Collection. Balboa is now offering several new options including a stainless over plastic and plastic over stainless look in addition to our stainless and plastic versions. All the spa jets are engineered for faster installation, and be defect-free for longer service life.


  • Double seal barrels and wide windows for better vacuum
  • Cyclone system of compensator ring, nut and L-gasket eliminate gluing
  • Standard barb and clamp design provide plug and play installation without need for gluing; also available in socket design
  • Strong compensator ring provides a better seal even when facing inconsistent wall thicknesses
  • Thick flange and body design for high resistance to deformation
  • Locking mechanism to prevent jet blow out from the body
  • Check valve option eliminates water flow into air lines
  • 3/4" socket or barb design, and 3/8" air connection; the Super Cyclone has a 1-1/2" or a 2" socket, and 1/2" or 3/8" air connections
Shorthand Material Number Description
ECY = Euro Cyclone - 2”
MCY = Micro Cyclone – can be 3” or 3.25”
LCY = Luxury Cyclone – can be 3.5” or 4”
CYC = Large Cyclone – can be 5” or 6.5”
SCY = Super Cyclone – can be 5” or 6.5”
ESC – SS Escutcheon

XL or LS – Large Size 3.25”, 4”, 6.5”

EMD – Emerald Cut
DMD – Diamond Cut
TXT – Textured
W – Swirl
NS – Non Swirl Directional
PLS – Pulse
PSP – Pin Spin
MSW – Multi Swirl or Cloudburst
TWSP – Twin Spin
DR – Directional
FX – Fixed

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