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Replacing Your Topside Control Panel

A typical Balboa Topside Panel label will look similar to the following. This label will be located somewhere on the back or the side of the panel and can only be seen if the panel is removedfrom its installation. As with any of our products, we recommend that you have a licensed professional technician assist you in all of your spa repairs or installations as serious injury or death can occur if a product is improperly installed. Look below for an explanation of the content of the label. NOTE: There may be two labels located on the side or back of your panel. Locating the correct one is very important in terms of identifying your product. If you have two labels, one may have a serial number that starts with the number "3". Ignore this label and locate the other label. the proper serial number should start with the number "5". If you only have one label, you will need to use this information to help you in identifying the proper part number.
Balboa Part Number
The number referenced here on the panel is the product serial number along with the product part number. On this topside panel the serial number is 52649-01200508020042. The first five numbers along with the dash and the two proceeding numbers will be the product part number. On this topside panel the product part number will be 52649-01.

This is the general description of your panel. This panel is described as BALBOA ML700/600 E8-PHILIPS, which is part of our ML700 line of panels. This particular panel can be found on our website under it's part number, 52649-01. You can either search by the part number, or by the panel type, which is ML700/600.

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