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Balboa Direct Support
Replacing Your Heater

A typical Balboa heater will look similar to the following. On Balboa heaters, you will find one or more of the following items that are described below. Identifying each will help you in determining exactly which heater you have. Knowing the difference between the numbers on the heater will help you find the right product. Look below for an explanation.

Typical Balboa Heater:
A Typical Balboa Heater
Heater Label (Description/Part Number):
Heater Part Number

#1- The text referenced here is the heater description. This will be the basic description of your heater. In the example above, the description is: HEATER 5.5Kw 15IN 2X2 M7 W/STU.

#2 On the heater label, there are a series of numbers separated by "***". The first series of numbers is the product part number. The second set of numbers is the product serial number. The numbers will look similar to "58083***1005140015, as on the label above. The part number is 58083 and the serial number is 1005140015.

NOTE:After you find your heaters part number, you should enter the heater's product part number in the site search box located on the top left of every page. If the heater is not located on our website, you can request that we add it by completing our CANNOT FIND A PRODUCT form.

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