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Replacing Your Circuit Board

A typical Balboa Circuit Board will look similar to this. On most boards, you will find one or more of the following items described below. It is important to read the instructions as in some cases, the actual circuit board number can often be deceiving and knowing the difference will help you find the right product.

Balboa Knowledge Base Circuit Board

#1 -The number referenced here on the board is the "base board" or "bare board" number and is not helpful in determining the circuit board number for your particular spa is. Do not reference this number to anyone, as it will not help.

#2 -There are several numbers on this white sticker that you will find on your circuit board. First, you will find your product serial number, which includes the product number as the first five numbers, sometimes seven. Generally, the serial number will look like, "S/N 52320***200603140051 or 52325-03200403210045. In the first example, the part number would be 52320. In the second example, the part number would be 52325-03. Underneath the serial number/part number will be the model of the board, BOARD BALBOA 2000M7 SER STD LE. This gives the general description fo the board and the board type and can be used if the board number is unreadable. If your circuit board is missing this sticker you can often rely on #3 below.

#3 -This is the chip number of the board. If the sticker with the board number and serial number is not present, you can identify the board using the chip number. On this example board, the chip number is 2000M7R15. By using the Balboa System Board Chipset Cross Reference, you can generally determine which board number it is.

NOTE: If your board number is not listed in this cross reference and you have no white sticker on the board, we suggest that you make attempts to use our search function to locate your board by the name or model number of your spa, if you have it available. If you do not have any of this information, then the next best thing is to either click on the LIVE CHAT button here on the right side of this page, or use our Technical Support Request Form and provide as much information as possible to our Customer Support staff and someone will get back with you generally within 24-48 hours during normal business days.

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