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Cross Reference Index

Here are our Replacement Cross Index Reference pages. The lists are updated periodically as new products become available and older products become obsolete. If you are looking for a product and are unable to locate the replacement part for that particular product, feel free to contact our Technical Support Department and they will assist you in locating the proper replacement part.

Replacement Pump Cross Reference
Spa Control System Replacement Cross Reference
Topside Panel Reference Guides (ML/VS/GS Series)

Balboa Circuit Board And Chip Cross Reference

If your spa system circuit board is missing the sticker or if you can no longer read information on the system board, you may be able to use the following cross reference sheet to read the number on the chip set on your circuit board. On the spa system circuit board chip, there will be a number. Use that number to cross reference on this list and locate the system board you have. You can then determine what system circuit board you can use as a replacement. To check to see if the spa circuit board you are looking for is available here at Balboa Direct, you can simply type the circuit board number into the "Search Site" which is on the top left of every page on Balboa Direct or browse our circuit board category located here. If your circuit board is unavailable you should consider retrofitting or replacing your system. If it is not currently available, you can either request the circuit board, or purchase the product through a local dealer and have a professional spa technician install it for you.
Additional Cross Reference Information Coming Soon...

For a comprehensive list of our product instruction sheets and manuals, please refer to the following links:

Balboa Product Instructions and Manuals
Balboa Spa Topside Panel Messages

If you are looking for additional product sales information about our various product lines, please take a look at:

Balboa Download Section (Product Sales Information)
Balboa Product Color Codes
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