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Balboa Direct Support

Finding The Part Number On
Your Control System

A typical Balboa control system will look like something similar to the following. On Balboa systems, you will find one or more of the following items that are described below. Identifying each will help you in determining exactly which system you have. Knowing the difference between the numbers on the system will help you find the right product if you are replacing components within your system. Look below for an explanation.

Typical Balboa System:
Balboa System Label Location

System Label (Older Models):
Balboa System Part and Model Number

System Label (Newer Models):
Balboa System Model and Part Number Location

Balboa Part Number
The Balboa Part Number is the number we use to identify just about everything. This number can be used to search for parts here on Balboa Direct.

Model Number
The Model Number is the type of system you have. Generally speaking, you would say, "I have a GS500Z system with a part number 54509".

Model Part Number
The Model Part Number is also used to identify a system. Generally, you will want to use the Balboa Part Number to identify your parts however.

Serial Number
The Serial Number is your product's unique serial number to identify your system. You will only need this number if your product needs to be returned for repair or warranty.

It is best when searching for particular parts related to your control system to use the Balboa Part Number. If you cannot locate the parts that you are looking for, you can request that we assist you in locating it by completing our CANNOT FIND A PRODUCT form.

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