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Spa Circuit Boards

Replacement Spa Circuit Boards - Balboa Direct

Balboa Water Group (BWG) is dedicated to providing only the highest quality replacement circuit boards to our customers. We created the first reliable electronic spa control system nearly twenty years ago and we have been the leader in the industry every since. Balboa only uses state of the art materials to provide the highest quality circuit boards possible. When we manufacture each Balboa replacement circuit board, it is to the same quality standards or higher as the original board shipped with the system. Our replacement boards incorporate all the original features and functionality; yet, Balboa is continuously incorporating improvements into the replacement boards with the intent to offer a better board than the original system. We also offer numerous generic circuit boards to replace or retrofit your old boards. Our advanced features and designs provide you with a reliable product that accommodates the most demanding new spa designs and advanced water temperature management on the market today.

Balboa's cutting-edge product design and commitment to the advancement in technology continues to make us the leader in the spa industry. It is also why spa manufacturers throughout the world continue to rely on us for all of their spa designs. So whether you are building a spa or replacing a circuit board on an older spa model, or need a generic circuit board to retrofit, Balboa is the right solution for you.

In our spa circuit board section listed below, you will find replacement spa circuit boards made exclusively through Balboa Water Group (BWG) that are generic replacements for your current spa systems. You will find spa circuit boards for various spa manufacturers such as:

Aber Hot Tubs
Advanced Spa Designs
Caldera Spas
Comfort Line Products
Dakota Spas
Diamond Spas
Dimension One Spas
Discovery Spas
Dynasty Spas
Emerald Spas
Great Lakes Spas
Hydro Spas
Icon Spas
Jacuzzi Whirlpool
JBJ Spas
Leisure Bay Spas
Lifestyle Spas
Millennium Spas
Morgan Spas
Phoenix Spas
Streamline Spas
Warm Springs Spas
Watkins Spas
and many others...

Additional Information on Balboa Spa Circuit Boards:

What Panel Goes With My Balboa Circuit Board?

This is a reference guide to various spa systems, which circuit board goes with them, along with the panels and overlays that make up the Balboa system.

Need Help Finding The Part Number On My Balboa Circuit Board

Find detailed information on where to find the model number, serial number, and other information on your Balboa spa circuit board.

Balboa Circuit Board Chipset Cross Reference

Here is a detailed guide on many of the more popular circuit boards and their chipset numbers along with a cross reference to which Balboa circuit board they correspond to.

Download Instruction Manuals/Information Sheets For Your Balboa Circuit Board

Find detailed instruction manuals, wiring diagrams, and other information on your Balboa spa circuit board.

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