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Balboa 12v Spa Light Assembly For The LM8000 (57118)    
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This product is out of stock, but still available for purchase. Please read our OUT OF STOCK message for information regarding delivery times.

Item Number: 57118
Balboa Spa Light Assembly For LM8000 (57118)
Product Description:

Balboa LM8 Series 12V Incandescent Spa Light Module

The LM8 Low Maintenance System comes factory designed with all equipment and features controlled from the spa topside panel. The heater management system eliminates flow and pressure switches, and all logic and control functions for the entire spa are contained in a single module. The systems has artificial intelligence that saves energy , along with self-testing diagnostics, self-monitoring, and optional modules, as shown here.

This optional module is an Audio FM Tuner in a single chip and 100 Watts of music power without excessive heat.

Additional optional modules that are available include:

  • 12V DC Sloan LEDS Spa Light Module - (Balboa Part 57119)
  • 12V DC AV Stereo Module (integrated with module) - (Balboa Part 57116)

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