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Balboa WOW Pump - RBC 7.5 A 1S 01FT CMAX A (1010067)    
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Item Number: 1010067
Balboa Bath WOW Pump - RBC 7.5 A 1S 01FT CMAX A (1010067)
Product Description:

Balboa WOW Pump - RBC 7.5 A 1S 01FT CMAX A (1010067)

The Whirlpool Operating Wonder (WOW) from Balboa Water Group is the greatest small bath pump ever designed! This line of pumps revoltionized the industry and became the norm which made the whirlpool tub affordable for every person.

The WOW is the most reliable bath pump on the market. With years of reliable functioning at less than 0.1% failure rate and backed by the reputation of Balboa. The WOW is compact in size and simple to install. The self-draining volute ensures a dry, clean system.

The WOW is made in both a 50Hz and 60Hz model, making it the choice for both the International and North American markets. The WOW bath pump offers quiet operation, adding to the relaxtion and enjoyment of a bathing experience. UL and CSA approved, the WOW passes rigorous agency testing.

Reliability, functional construction and efficient power - are the reasons the WOW has become the standard by which all other luxury whirlpool bath pumps are compared.


  • 7.5 Amps
  • 1 Speed


  • Single Speed Model
  • Ultra Quiet Operation
  • Compact Design
  • UL and CSA Approved
  • Self-draining Volute
  • Proven Reliability

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